Murray Learning Services

Meet the Director

If you would like to learn more about our program, we invite you to join Mr. Kevin Selby, Director of Murray Learning Services, for one of several lunchtime Zoom session offered each Friday through the Christmas break. For more information, contact Mr. John Feeley, Director of Admissions.

Session dates/times are as follows:
November 20    12:00 noon
December 4       12:00 noon
December 11     12:00 noon
December 18     12:00 noon

Murray Learning Services

Murray Learning Service is a fee-for-service arrangement that exists to support bright, motivated Loyola students with documented learning differences in their efforts to complete all of Loyola’s requirements for graduation. The ultimate goal of the program is to provide its graduates with the tools necessary to succeed at the university level. A team of seven special tutors meets daily with students, implementing individualized learning plans which are based on the student’s psycho-educational testing.

Murray Learning helps students understand their learning differences; recognizing and utilizing their strengths as they work to improve in areas of weakness. Reading, writing and speaking skills are strengthened as tutors work one-to-one or in small groups, using materials that complement course work. Math and science are supported as students work with tutors within these subject areas as they learn specific strategies to help them to be successful in these disciplines. In addition, accommodations are provided to students as appropriate and in line with those offered by The College Board to students with learning differences when they take the PSAT, SAT and AP tests.

In addition to working directly with participating students and their families, Murray Services also acts as a resource for all Loyola families who may have questions concerning learning issues; working closely with both Guidance and College Counseling. 

Who benefits from Murray Learning Services?

Generally, the greatest predictor of success at Loyola is motivation. Murray Learning Services is a tool that can enable motivated students with learning differences to achieve success at Loyola at levels commensurate with their aptitude. While this often requires extra time and extra effort, Murray students are represented in all levels of academic challenge within Loyola, including College Prep, Honors and Advance Placement courses. The Murray student is responsible for completing the same rigorous course of study as all other Loyola students. The instruction and support found within Murray Services allows the student the opportunity to take part in the full range of extra-curricular activities offered at Loyola; creating a well- rounded and fully engaged young man.

How to apply

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  • Families applying to Loyola and who are interested in more intensive academic support.

    Submit to Mr. Kevin Selby, Director of Murray Learning Services, and Mr. John Feeley, Director of Admissions, the prospective student’s most recent individualized testing consisting of, but not limited to, psychological testing (WISC) and achievement testing (Woodcock Johnson). Any application to Murray (see Step 3) will not be considered complete without both tests and a DSM V diagnosis of disability.
  • Schedule a meeting

    Contact Mr. Selby to arrange a meeting to discuss your son’s candidacy for Loyola Blakefield and Murray Learning Services.
  • Apply

    • Arrange a Shadow Visit. Be sure to indicate that the applicant is interested in Murray Learning Services (MLS) and whether he would prefer to be hosted by a student who is enrolled in MLS.
    • Take the entrance exam, accessing appropriate accommodations.
    • Submit academic records.
    • Complete online Admissions application.
    • Print, complete, and submit an application for Murray Learning Services.

Contact us

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  • Photo of Kevin Selby

    Mr. Kevin Selby 

    Department Chair Murray Services, Learning Specialist
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 248
  • Photo of Maria Baird

    Mrs. Maria Baird 

    Learning Specialist, Murray Services
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 456
  • Photo of Mary Casalena

    Mrs. Mary Casalena 

    Learning Specialist, Murray Services
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 206
  • Photo of Wendy Cotter

    Dr. Wendy Cotter 

    Learning Specialist, Murray Services
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 560
  • Photo of Barbara Leon

    Mrs. Barbara Leon 

    Learning Specialist, Murray Services
    (410) 823-0601 Ext. 286
  • Photo of Jennifer Pearson

    Ms. Jennifer Pearson 

    Learning Specialist, Murray Services
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 286
  • Photo of Jessica Schafer

    Mrs. Jessica Schafer 

    Learning Specialist, Murray Services
    (410) 823-0601 Ext. 222
500 Chestnut Ave. Towson, MD 21204
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