Athletics Philosophy

Cheer, Don't Jeer!

Athletics are a vital part of the total curriculum at Loyola Blakefield. As an extension of the academic classroom and traditional school day, interscholastic sports are designed to affirm and promote the Ignatian values and engage student-athletes fully in mind, body, and spirit.

Our athletics program is also a curriculum in itself, a place where our young men learn leadership and hard work, camaraderie and teamwork, and the lessons that come from both winning and losing. Student-athletes, coaches, and parents are called upon to work together in a true spirit of sportsmanship to assist in creating an environment in which those Ignatian values can be revealed, tested, and proven relevant both to participants and the entire school community. We teach our student-athletes that sports, although they may imitate life, are not life. They are an important, but not the most important aspect of a Loyola education. Therefore, our coaches, athletes, and parents seek to keep athletics in its proper perspective. Good sportsmanship displayed by participants and fans alike is of high value and expected at Loyola. Long after the score is forgotten, how we have behaved as athletes, as coaches, and as fans will be best remembered.

The athletic experience at Loyola also depends on the faculty, staff, and others to coach boys in a diverse program of seventeen interscholastic sports at the varsity, junior varsity, freshman, and middle school levels. Furthermore, the school strongly discourages boys from specializing in one sport. Rather, they are encouraged to vary their athletic experience in order to enhance diversity of learning. Loyola athletics is dedicated to teaching the principles of participation, excellence, discipline, loyalty, self-confidence, selflessness, dealing with success and failure, respect for authority, as well as getting along with others.The objective of athletics is to foster an environment where young people reach their fullest potential intellectually, emotionally, and physically.
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