The Ricci Experience


The eleventh day (June 24) started out with a pair of museum visits, allowing students to juxtapose China's ancient history with its future plans.

The Shanghai museum showcases a number of artifacts, many of which are thousands of years old, such as this 1,500 year old sculpture of Buddha:

A quick walk across the street brought the group to the Shanghai Urban Exhibition Hall, which showcases the city's infrastructure plans for the near future:

However, a highlight of the day was connecting with a fellow Don, Cameron Miller '09, who is in charge of business development for Under Armour Shanghai. After touring the group around the corporate offices and talking about his experiences living and working in China, he showed them the flagship store:

The visit wouldn't have been complete without recognizing the Catholic presence in Shanghai. Prior to the group's return to Beijing on Day 12, they participated in Mass at St. Peter's Catholic Church:

The group returned to Beijing via bullet train. What had been a 12-hour train ride down to Shanghai took only five and a half hours on the bullet train, racing through the Chinese countryside at speeds up to 220 mph. 

With only a few days left in the trip before they return home, stay tuned for the group's final updates.
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