Cyber Dons Kick Off First Round of CyberPatriot XIII

This past weekend, the Air Force Association kicked off its 13th season of CyberPatriot, the largest national youth cyber defense competition in the country. The competition features three rounds from November through January, leading up to the national finals in March. This year, we have 13 high school and 2 middle school teams representing Loyola. Our Cyber Dons have been brushing up on their operating system and network defense skills since the start of the academic year. While LBCSI students haven’t been able to be 100% in-person under ideal conditions, they have found ways to study and practice topics they are passionate about. 

"With many across the US still working from home due to the pandemic, the need for cyber security professionals has continued to increase," said Program Director Mr. Steve Morrill. "Requests for assistance to the LBCSI Field Operations Team for network assessments, network installs, and security awareness training have increased. Cybercrime is on the rise, and many time home users are an easy target." 

Interested in any cyber security services from our Dons? Reach out to Steve Morrill to setup a time with the LBCSI Field Operations Team.

AFA CyberPatriot XIII - First Round
500 Chestnut Ave. Towson, MD 21204
Ph: 410-823-0601