Highlights from our Third Annual Justice Summit

Several months of planning came to fruition on Thursday, April 7, as we hosted our Third Annual Justice Summit. The theme for this year's Justice Summit centered on the Society of Jesus's Universal Apostolic Preference of Journeying with Youth in the Creation of a Hope-Filled Future.

Over the past few months, our Justice Summit Planning Committee—consisting of Charlie Kay '23, Joseph Balto '23, Nick Boettcher '22, Filippo Borrello '23, Tucker DeVack '27, and Jair Taylor '22, and supervised by Director of Ignatian Service & Justice Mrs. Beth Ann Szczepaniak—introduced this theme to our student body and helped contextualize it around the general idea of educational inequality in our local community and on the global level. Some events that took place on campus include:
  • Our first Learning Lunch took place in December where we reflected on the meaning of the theme, where we see injustice, and where we are called to be hope-filled.

  • In January, we hosted Dr. Lead Saal from Loyola University, who taught us about the formation of American education system and the institutional injustices that still continue as a result of the system.

  • In March, our counseling department led a beautiful reflection on where we see hope in our world and asked students to contemplate where they find hope day-to-day.

  • Finally, at the beginning of April, we introduced La Silla Roja, as we explained what the red chairs and desks around campus represent and what education looks like around the world. 

During the Justice Summit assembly on April 7, students were able to further engage with the theme by hearing from several guest speakers who explained the impact of these inequalities. Students heard from Dr. William Thomas, professor of education at American University, about how education has been experienced throughout our country, and Mr. Van Brooks '06, founder of SAFE Alternative Foundation for Education, who shared his story and inspiration behind creating his Baltimore SAFE Center, which helps to educate middle school students in Baltimore City. Lastly, students heard from Mr. Phillip McKnight, a certified mindfulness meditation teacher, who discussed the importance of awareness with one's own mental health while providing some useful mindfulness practices for students.

View photos from the event here.

2022 Justice Summit
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