Meet the Principal

Mr. John Marinacci

This is an inspiring time to be at Loyola Blakefield. We exist in a state of tension. In a world that is changing environmentally, geo-politically, and socio-economically seemingly every minute, one can see how it may be difficult to reconcile this present with standing upon nearly five centuries of Jesuit tradition. After all, when what was important last month is now obsolete, what good is a foundation from almost half of a millennium ago? The fact is, our mission of forming young men who are open to growth, intellectually ambitious, religious, loving, and committed to diversity and doing justice is as important now as any time during the existence of Jesuit education.

Because Loyola Blakefield not only forms young men who think with this mission in mind, but also act with this mission at hand, we are educating a generation who are going to make a difference in the world.

An historical tradition that is founded on experience, reflection, and action is not one that allows us to safely hide from the uneasy present or the unknown future. It is because of our institutional origins that the young men of Loyola Blakefield will know how to heed St. Ignatius’s mandate to go forth and set the world on fire. Our tradition allows us to embrace new technologies, belong to a global community set free from geographic divides, and confront the hardships and concerns of our world through imagination, care, and action.

So, as new horizons are developed and explored, I am proud to say that we at Loyola can pursue any and all challenges. We know that our Catholic, Jesuit foundation, our rich institutional history, and our exceptional faculty and staff anchor the deepest of roots to allow the Dons to reach for limitless heights.

Mr. John Marinacci

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