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Part of what makes Loyola a fun and engaging place for our Dons is the variety of co-curricular opportunities in the midst of a school culture that encourages everyone to “get involved!”

Whether writing for the Literary Magazine, performing standup comedy, planting trees in the community, or playing flag football with friends, Loyola offers a variety of extracurricular clubs and activities to keep our Dons entertained and enriched long after the last bell rings.

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  • Art for Others

    Art for Others is a service club with the mission to bring art and companionship to those in our community who would benefit from engaging in creative projects with Loyola students. Students meet on a regular basis to plan activities in preparation for visits to areas such as nursing homes and low-income after school programs. Students follow these visits up with discussions to evaluate their level of success and how they can reach out more effectively in the future. The common denominator from all visits has not been the need to produce works of art, but the importance of companionship for those less fortunate. This club is open to all students, not just artists, who have the desire to help others. Interested students can contact Mrs. Petr at
  • Black Student Union

    The mission of the Loyola Blakefield BSU is to provide a resource for Loyola Blakefield students to achieve academic and social assimilation in conjunction with ethnic appreciation. In a manner consistent with Catholic teaching, students come to understand the enriching and liberating value of human variety, to embrace diversity and to cherish human differences. Interested students can contact Mr. Bowers at
  • Bocce

    Bocce ball is a relaxed but strategic game with an ancient lineage. Although probably emerging from ancient Egypt, bocce started to hit its stride with the Romans and Emperor Augustus. It gained massive popularity thanks among the Italian communities at the turn of the 20th century.

    At Loyola, bocce is a calming, competitive way to spend some time outdoors (and indoors), in the pleasant company of friends. Whether you are an expert player or not, you can easily learn how to play, and ultimately the secret of bocce's success is that all players have fun! Students in all grades are welcome to attend. Interested students can contact Dr. Barbera at  
  • Boosters

    The Boosters are dedicated toward increasing Loyola Spirit. Boosters meetings are generally on Wednesday after school on the Knott balcony above the dining hall. All students are welcome. Boosters work throughout the year to promote student events and activities. One key responsibility of the Boosters is running the Turkey Bowl Pep Rally each year. The club is moderated by Fr. Steggert.
  • Broga

    Yoga, which in Sanskrit means “connection,” improves balance, conditions muscles, and brings awareness to the relationship between body and mind. At Broga, Dons unwind from the stress of school by practicing Sun Salutations, Warrior Poses, and even attempting Wheels. Most importantly, Broga is a place to build strong friendships in a relaxing environment. Dons of all experience levels are welcome. Namaste! 
  • Business Club

    Amongst the many activities run by this club is a portfolio competition aimed at giving students insight into the workings of the stock market. The club will meet to analyze portfolios created by the students. Furthermore, a discussion will take place on why the market changed; whether it be from speculations or new data on economic indicators, all things macroeconomics and microeconomics will be taken into account. Educational programs such as “Shark Tank” and “The Profit” will occasionally be played for educational purposes. The objectives of the club are to increase interest in business and investing among Loyola Blakefield students and to provide a comprehensive understanding of how financial markets work. Interested students may contact Mr. Prieto at 
  • Cappies Critics

    The Cappies of Baltimore is an organization that celebrates high school theatre.  (   Participating schools open their shows to student critics, who attend the show, evaluate the performances, write reviews, and ultimately nominate performers and technical crews for awards at the annual Cappies Gala each spring at the Hippodrome.   The Cappies critic team of Loyola travel to schools throughout the Baltimore region to see shows, and their reviews are eligible for publication in local newspapers, journals, and websites.  The students practice critical analysis and sharpen their writing skills while enjoying some of the finest drama in the region.  Interested students can contact Mr. Bailey at  
  • Chess

    The Loyola Blakefield Chess Club meets most Mondays in the Library. Members play games of chess and discuss strategies. We also host or attend tournaments involving other schools. If you are interested in joining, please see Ms. Darr in the Library. We always welcome new members. Interested Middle and Upper school students can contact Ms. Terry Darr at
  • Climbing Club

    Loyola Climbing Club meets weekly throughout the year at Earthtreks climbing center in Timonium. The club is open to middle school and upper school students. Bouldering and top-roping are the main disciplines focused on to ensure a life-long interest in an extremely active sport. Interested students can contact Mr. Glorioso at or Mr. Keeney at
  • Creative Writing Club

    The Creative Writing Club provides a space for students to escape the boundaries of everyday life to compose short stories, plays and poetry. Each week, students meet to write, discuss, and edit their pieces. Students publish their writing on the club’s blog, Prose and Dons, which will soon be available through Loyola Blakefield’s website. Club members also develop and contribute creative pieces to the school’s Literary Magazine, Workshop(s). Interested students should contact Ms. Bello at 
  • Culinary Club

    The Loyola Blakefield Culinary Club has been active since 2003. During our meetings we take a hands-on approach to learn how to prepare food through different techniques and through the study of regional and cultural traditions. Working out of the Knott Dining Hall kitchen, we try to make new and interesting foods. Throughout the year we have meetings that include special ingredient meals, Iron Chef competitions, faculty guest chefs, culturally themed dishes, and after school fieldtrips to local restaurants. In addition, we utilize our culinary talents to help our school and community. This past year we made bagged lunches for local shelters and made baked goods for the Mother's Club functions. To improve your cooking skills, come out and join the Culinary Club! (Besides, we get to eat a lot of food). Interested Upper School students can contact Ms. Warfield at
  • Cyber Security Club

    Founded in fall 2012, the club focuses on providing an environment where students can learn about the vast field of cyber security. Through hands-on experience and guest speakers, students are exposed to a variety of topics and develop the ability to identify and correct common security threats on their home PCs and mobile devices. The club also participates in competitions year round ranging from local to worldwide. This club is open to students grades 8-12. Interested students can contact Mr. Morrill at
  • Digital Literary Arts Magazine

    Loyola's literary magazine, also known as Workshop(s), is a collection of student art, photography, writing, digital design and more. Students in this club are responsible for selecting and organizing content, while designing the layout and look of the magazine. Interested Upper School students can contact Mr. Flanigan at or Mr. Ziegler at
  • Don Zen

    DonZen is a zen meditation session, offered daily in the chapel from 3:10-3:30, in which students and adults together simply sit upright and in silence, with the mind centered and resting on one's breathing. Relaxing, refreshing, and refocusing, DonZen offers both something for everyone and nothing at all... all you have to do is be!" Interested students can contact Dr. Wise at
  • Engineering Club

    Coming soon...
  • Environmental Club

    The Environmental Club is a grassroots movement of 6th through 12th grade students who:

    - Encourage Blakefield community members to make environmentally sustainable choices at school, at home, and in their communities.

    - Participate in environmental restoration and conservation programs.

    - Promote opportunities for Blakefield community members to enjoy the outdoors.
    Interested students can contact Mrs. Biebesheimer at

  • Film Club

    Loyola Film Club meets weekly throughout the year to create films for both fun and for the Loyola community. The club is open to both middle and upper school students with no previous experience being required.  Interested students can contact Mr. Ziegler at
  • Forensics

    Forensics is the term given to competitive speech and debate activity. Loyola Blakefield's award-winning Forensics Team is currently comprised of approximately fifty students in grades nine through twelve. We approach forensics as equal parts logical deduction and theater, and as a team member you’ll seek excellence and demonstrate creativity while building your leadership skills. Interested Upper School students can contact Mr. Monteleone at For more information go to:
  • Forensics

    Forensics is the term given to competitive speech and debate activity. Loyola Blakefield's award-winning Forensics Team is currently comprised of approximately fifty students in grades nine through twelve. We approach forensics as equal parts logical deduction and theater, and as a team member you’ll seek excellence and demonstrate creativity while building your leadership skills. Interested Upper School students can contact Mr. Monteleone at For more information go to:
  • Frazzleerham Club

    Frazzleerham was invented by Barry Morley at Sandy Spring Friends School in Sandy Spring, Maryland sometime in the 1960s. The Loyola Blakefield Latin Club under the careful and conscientious guidance of Mr. Leo Behrendt brought the game to Blakefield in the Fall of 2004. Since then it has become a staple of Hollow activity and has been incorporated into the Freshman Orientation Program.
                The rules of the game are designed to provide players with a thorough workout while not favoring competitors who might excel in any particular sport. Players move a ball by throwing, bouncing, heading, and under certain circumstances punting; however, players may not run with the ball. The object is for one team to bounce the ball into a bucket that is held by one of their teammates, “the Snapper,” who is confined to a small square enclosure called the “Rham.” Each team has their own. Tackling is sometimes permitted but it is not an essential feature of the game. The field of play has no boundaries, and the time limit and required score can be adjusted to the will and constraints of the group.
                The Frazzleerham Club to meets regularly on Thursdays at 3:10PM in the Hollow, weather permitting and is open to all grades.  Check the announcements for more information. No experience or commitment is required. Come out and play whenever you can. Interested students can contact Mr. Bromwell at
  • Games

    The Games Club is a group of students who assemble after school to play a variety of games including video games, Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons and more.  The club is open to all grades and occasionally shares a pizza or two!  Interested students can contact Mrs. Finnegan at
  • Gearheads

    The Gearheads are a group of students who meet twice a month to look at cars, learn how they work, get hands-on experience, or simply just talk about them. Once a month, we take a trip to an auto shop, a car show, or any other outing related to cars and trucks! Interested students can contact Mr. Jenkins at
  • German Club

    The German Club provides opportunities for students to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and learn about aspects of German and German culture. The German Club is open to all students. Most meetings are conducted in English with a few “German only” events.  Interested students can contact Mr. Ranalli at
  • Hispanic Student Union

    Hispanic Student Union seeks to unify Hispanic students in our school and we also want to be linked with other Hispanic clubs from different schools and Universities in the Baltimore area. We will be learning throughout art, poetry, literature, cinema, and food, about the traditions and cultures from the Spanish speaking world.  Bienvenidos. Interested students can contact Mr. Bahamon at
  • Ignatian Family Teach-In

    Each year, Loyola Blakefield sends a delegation of students to attend the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice. It is an annual gathering for members of the Ignatian family (Jesuit institutions and larger church) to gather in the context of social justice and solidarity to learn, reflect, pray, network, and advocate together, recognizing the integral link of faith and justice. Students meet every other week leading up to the Teach-In to learn about pertinent topics, and plan a Candlelight Vigil for Justice. The event is open to upper school students. Interested students can contact Mrs. Horgan at
  • Improv Club

    The Comedy/Improv Club is where students are free to express their funnier side on stage in any form they see fit. Students will work together to create and rehearse improv skits to perform for the school. Students will be able to work on their solo acts as well to become better entertainers.  Interested middle and upper school students can contact Mr. Garretson at
  • Intramural Sports

    Our popular intramural athletics program gives you the ideal environment in which to compete and learn what it means to be a true leader and teammate.  Current intramural sports offered include: Flag Football, Dodgeball, and Indoor Soccer.  Please see Althletics for more information.  This program is open to Upper School students.  Interested students can contact Mr. Lankford at
  • It's Academic

    It's Academic Club attends academic trivia bowls and competes against other schools in the area in a format similar to the game show Jeopardy. Competitions are held year-round on the weekends.  Interested Upper School students can contact Mr. Ford at
  • Italian Club

    Coming soon......
  • Italian Cuisine Club

    Students in this club meet every other week and learn how to prepare authentic Italian dishes from Dr. Barbera, native Italian with a broad knowledge of national dishes. Students prepare and cook together one dish at the time per meeting. At the end of the cooking the food is tasted and shared among the participants. Students learn to distinguish ingredients, amounts, secrets,  and techniques in preparing each dish. We focus on a variety of pasta dishes, different sauces, side dishes, desserts, and occasionally meat or fish dishes.  Interested Upper School students can contact Dr. Barbera at
  • Italian Culture Club

    The Italian Club provides opportunities for students to come together in a relaxed atmosphere and learn about aspects of Italian culture. The Italian Club is open to all students.  Interested students can contact Mr. Baker at
  • Junior Classical League

    This is a national organization dedicated to having fun while appreciating and promoting the languages and cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome. We occasionally go to competitions and on field trips, both of which are optional. Interested Upper School students can contact Ms. Olson at
  • Math Club

    Math Club strives to put a spin on the old way of learning math. Teams compete against each other in categories ranging from Pre-Algebra to Calculus and rack up points to beat the opposing teams. But most importantly of all, we have fun! Interested Upper School students can contact Ms. Altmire at
  • Mock Trial

    In cooperation with the Maryland State Bar Association and the Maryland Judicial Conference, CLREP sponsors an annual high school Mock Trial competition each academic year. Initiated in 1983, school participation in Mock Trial continues to increase, with representation from most counties in Maryland. More than 58,000 students have participated in the program to date. The success of the Mock Trial program is heavily dependent upon volunteer attorneys and judges who coach teams, and score competitions at local, regional, semi-final and final levels. Each year, several hundred attorneys, masters and judges across the state volunteer for this program. Most teams compete at least four times in local matches, as both prosecution/plaintiff and defense. By the time a team has reached the State Competition, they have competed, on average, ten to twelve times. Virtually all competitions are held in either district or circuit courtrooms. The top four teams from Maryland advance to Annapolis for the semi-finals; the top two teams then advance to the State Championship, held in the Courts of Appeals Building in Annapolis. Interested Upper School students can contact Ms. Melanson at
  • Model U.N.

    The Model United Nations club meets weekly to prepare its members to participate in the North American Model United Nations (NAIMUN), run by Georgetown University. This conference has over 4000 participants from high-schools and academies across the United States and around the globe. Students are tasked with representing various countries in plenary sessions of the UN’s General Assembly or Economic and Social Committees. In the past the Loyola Delegation has represented Ethiopia, Tanzanzia, Nigeria, Nicaragua, The Democratic Republic of Korea, Cote d’Ivoire. Students also work in special committees on crisis simulations, both historic (i.e. Cuban Missile Crisis, the USSR’s invasion of Prague) or futuristic (Security Council debate on Ethnic Conflict in China 2012).

    Recently the club has partnered with St. Aloysius school in Kibera, Nigeria to create a cultural exchange program whereby Loyola Dons will partner with St. Al’s students to represent a third country on current issues before the United Nations.  Interested Upper School students can contact Ms. Gentry at or Mr. Manelski at
  • Pantomime Club

    We are going to tell stories without words, broaden the awareness of how we speak with our bodies in everyday life. Using music, origami, art, literature, and films, we will be creating stories, learning non-verbal dramaturgical technics that will allow us to become aware of the expressiveness of our bodies. This club is open to Middle and Upper School students.  Interested students can contact Mr. Bahamon at
  • Patriots' Club

    The Patriots' Club of Loyola Blakefield strives to promote a sense of patriotism and respect for the United States Military amongst members of the Loyola Blakefield Community. The Patriots' Club also serves as a way for Dons to socialize with one another who share in their passion and respect of the United States Military. Loyola Patriots' Club meetings educate members using a variety of ways, notably guest speakers and historically relevant military movies. Above all, the Patriots' Club serves as an opportunity for the community to give back and honor those brave individuals involved in The United States Military. Charity drives have also been organized to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project.  Interested Middle and Upper School students can contact Mrs. Breschi at
  • Physics Club

    The Loyola Physics Club is for students interested in physics, astronomy, engineering and related fields. The club’s activities include research projects, college preparation activities and trips to local Physics Olympics competitions.  Interested Upper School students can contact Mr. Baier at
  • RC and Model Rocket Club

    In this exciting new club, students will learn how to design, build and launch model rockets as well as how to use and maintain remote control vehicles.  The club meets on Wednesdays in Sheridan 8 and all students are welcome.  Interested Middle and Uppser School students can contact Mr. Schott at
  • Robotics

    The Robotics Club is made up of a group of students who come together to design, build, program and test creative solutions to a wide variety of challenges in the technology, engineering and mathematics fields. The students develop robots to perform specific tasks in which they must complete at competitions to score points for their team. Students meet after school to test and practice with their robots in preparing for weekend competitions. Robotics teaches students how to think on their feet and problem solve through trial and error effectively. This club is open to all students.  Interested students can contact Mrs. Pearson at
  • Rock 'n Roll Club

    This club is open to any student at Loyola Blakefield who enjoys playing music. No experience is necessary. Bring your instrument. Interested Upper School Students can contact Mr. Flanigan at
  • SAID Club

    The Loyola Blakefield SAID Club promotes a secure and inclusive environment for students diverse in race, ethnicity and religious beliefs, but also in gender, learning styles and abilities, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds.  SAID encourages discussion concerning current events and topics relevant to marginalized members of the school community and society at large.  Additionally, SAID  organizes and executes school-wide events to promote an atmosphere of acceptance.  
  • Senior Board

    The Senior Board plans social activities for the upperclassmen. These activities include dances, music nights, and athletic events. The events sometimes serve as fundraisers towards charities.  Interested Seniors can contact Mrs. Breschi at
  • Service Club

    This committee, open to middle school and high school students, plans and coordinates monthly service projects in our local Baltimore community.  These service projects occur after school and on weekends and are open to all students and faculty members.  The group meets on Mondays in the Ignatian Service office. Interested students can contact Mrs. Szczepaniak. 
  • Ski Club

    The ski club sponsors 6 ski trips on Fridays beginning in January to Ski Liberty, Ski Roundtop, or Ski Whitetail.  The trips leave Loyola at 3:15pm via coach busses and return at 11:00pm.  The Ski Club is open to all Loyola Upper And Middle School students.  Registration opens on October 10, 2017 at 8:00am. Details are available on Loyola Blakefield's website under the Blakefield Experience.  The club is moderated by Mr. Glorioso and Mr. Keeney II.
  • Spanish Club

    The Spanish Club is meant to give all high school students, particularly those who study Spanish, a chance to learn more about Hispanic culture and heritage. For those members who are in advanced Spanish classes, the club offers a forum for practicing their language skills in a relaxed environment.  Interested students can contact Mr. Bahamon at
  • Sports Broadcasting Club

    The Sports Broadcasting Club produces live streams of select Loyola athletic events. The club is always looking for student commentators, camera operators, producers, graphic designers, and sports writers. If you are interested in getting involved with our live broadcasting efforts, please contact Mr. Nitti.
  • Sportsmen's Association

    The Loyola Sportsmen’s Association provides students the opportunity to share their outdoor experiences with others who have similar interests and to participate in activities together. Some of the activities include freshwater fishing, annual Chesapeake Bay striped bass fishing charter, annual trip to the Great American Outdoor Show (Harrisburg, PA) and breakfast with Outdoor Network TV personality, Gregg Ritz ’88, and annual fish and wild game dinners with the Culinary Club. The club also raises funds for seriously ill youth with similar outdoor interests and donates the money to Hunt Of A Lifetime. Interested students can contact Mr. Katchko at
  • Squash Club

    Loyola's Middle School Squash Club meets twice a week in the evenings for practices and plays a few matches in the afternoons after the school day.  The club is open to students in grades 6-8.  Interested students should contact Coach Joe Lacy at
  • Student Ambassador

    Student Ambassadors are responsible for assisting with a number of different events during the school year, specifically focused on Admissions. During Open House, student ambassadors lead tours around campus and answer any questions that prospective families have.  These students are also selected to accompany prospective students on their Shadow Day visits to Loyola's campus.
  • Student Government Association

    Loyola's Student Government Association consists of student leaders who are elected by their peers to provide further oversight and student involvement of major events on Loyola’s campus. SGA members provide a link between the administration and the student body and serve as examples for their peers and underclassmen. Furthermore, the Student Government at Loyola Blakefield is responsible for engaging the Blakefield Community for important events like the Blood Drive, the Fall Food Drive and the Turkey Bowl Pep Rally.  Interested students can contact Mrs. Courtney at or Mr. Schlichtig.
  • Ultimate Frisbee

    Loyola’s Ultimate Frisbee Club provides students a weekly opportunity to participate in this fast-paced, competitive game.  Upper classmen who do not play a spring sport and/or who simply want to get some exercise are encouraged to participate.  In year’s past Loyola’s Ultimate Team has played home and away games against rival Calvert Hall, and we are currently seeking other area schools with which to compete. Interested students can contact Mr. Muth at
  • Yearbook

    The yearbook club is responsible for the design, composition, editing and publication of the Loyola yearbook. For over 160 years, the Loyola yearbook has been documenting the Dons of Loyola Blakefield and chronicling the changes that have occurred within Loyola’s community. Students meet twice a week to design layouts, compose copy, select photographs and edit proofs. They work diligently to capture the most important parts of everyday life here at Loyola and create an historical document revealing what makes Loyola such a special place each year. This club is open to Middle and Upper School students.  Interested students can contact Mr. Bailey at
  • Young Democrats

    The Young Democrats at Loyola meet on a weekly basis to discuss political, social, and economic issues through the lens of modern liberalism, focusing on equality, civil liberties, social justice, and regulatory market oversight. Interested Middle and Upper School can contact Mr. Muth at
  • Young Republicans

    Objectives of the club:

    - To represent Republican students in the Loyola Blakefield student body.

    - To educate students and members of the community about the ideals of the Republican Party and about the political process.

    - To demonstrate Republican ideals through community service.

    Interested Middle and Upper School Students can contact Mr. Plunkett at

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  • Mrs. Chantal Cross 

    Director of Auxiliary Services and Co-Curricular Activities
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 328

Featured Club

The Sports Broadcasting Club is in charge of live streaming select Loyola Blakefield athletic events. The club is always looking for more students to act as commentators, camera operators, producers, and graphic designers. Watch previous streams here.

If you are interested in getting involved with our live broadcasting efforts, contact Mr. Nitti.
500 Chestnut Ave. Towson, MD 21204
Ph: 410-823-0601