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We invite you to explore Loyola Blakefield and discover what makes our educational experience the best in the region. With a proud tradition since 1852 and innovations happening every day, a Loyola education transforms the mind, body and spirit in a way that prepares young men for college and beyond.


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  • Jesuit Tradition

    The Jesuits have specialized in education for more than 450 years. Loyola Blakefield traces its history through that long legacy back to the first school founded by St. Ignatius Loyola at Messina, Italy, in 1548. And we’ve drawn our energy and passion for educating young men for others from the Jesuit tradition.
  • Don for life

    A Loyola Blakefield graduate is a Don for life. That means you take the learning, opportunities, leadership skills and spiritual growth you pick up here and apply it to your college, your career, your family, your community and the world for the rest of your life. It may sound like a tall order, but for our graduates it’s a very meaningful and natural thing.
  • Jesuit education at Loyola Blakefield

    Our teachers blend challenging curriculum with the spirituality of St. Ignatius to form a well-rounded educational experience. You’ll experience academic excellence here as the beginning of a lifelong discipline and pursuit, inseparable from faith and serving others. We call it educating the whole person. “Go forth and set the world on fire.” Those powerful words of St. Ignatius inform how we’ve guided, challenged and inspired our young Dons since we opened our doors.

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