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Sports Medicine at Blakefield

Athletic trainers (ATs) are healthcare professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical diagnosis, therapeutic intervention, and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions to the athletic population. Loyola Blakefield employs one full-time, nationally certified, state licensed athletic trainer. This full-time athletic trainer is responsible for providing medical coverage to all Loyola Blakefield middle and high school students involved in interscholastic athletics and has access to a state-of-the-art sports medicine facility located in Knott Hall, adjacent to the Aquatics Center.

The athletic trainer works under the direction and supervision of Loyola's athletic director and a sports medicine physician, Dr. Andrew Tucker. Dr. Tucker is the medical director for MedStar Union Memorial Hospital and head team physician of the Baltimore Ravens. The Loyola sports medicine staff also includes an annual sports medicine fellow through the University of Maryland Sports Medicine Fellowship program. The fellow attends all home varsity football games and comes to Loyola for weekly clinical hours to evaluate any current athletic injuries. In addition to our physicians, we partner with Towson University's athletic training program and accept an athletic training student intern each semester. The sports medicine fellow and student athletic trainers are assigned each and every August and change every year.

Our facilities and staff attempt to provide the best and most current medical services to all of our student-athletes. Some services and programs our staff offers include:

  • Accepting and monitoring annual health form requirements.
  • Pre-season movement screenings for some teams.
  • Comprehensive concussion management program for all athletes.
  • Wide specialty referral network to the highest regarded physicians in the Baltimore metropolitan area.
  • Rehabilitation exercises for injured athletes and daily coverage of all practice and home game events.

We do not require using our physicians, however, our full-time athletic trainer can act as liaison between families and physicians’ offices to make sure the best care can be provided to your son. Please explore the links on this page for more information.

Policies and Resources

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  • Pre-Participation Physical Forms

    Every Loyola athlete interested in playing a sport must complete a new physical prior to each academic year beginning or pre-season for fall sports. All complete physicals must be turned in to the athletic trainer or school nurse prior to any participation. For more information on physicals and required health information forms, visit our Health & Wellness page.
  • Physician Referral and Emergency Room Policy

    We understand injuries are going to happen, and you have many options on how to get your son properly evaluated and treated. We encourage, when possible, to have the student athlete evaluated by the athletic trainer to determine the best course of action. If a specialist referral is recommended, the athletic trainer will be in contact with the family to discuss possible options. We have several groups and doctors that we are networked with and can facilitate and expedite appointments. You are under no obligation to use our physicians, however there are benefits in doing so. You may be able to have a quicker appointment and the communication regarding your son’s care is already in place with networked physicians. If you see your personal or specialty physician please return this completed form to the athletic trainer.

    Your son will not be able to participate in athletic team practices or games if they have seen a physician without written documentation.

    Emergency Room Visits – If your son goes to the ER for an injury we must receive written release or recommendation for prior to returning to athletic participation.

    If you feel your son needs to go to the ER as a result of an athletic injury, we have an agreement with St. Joe’s ER that will expedite the process and the athletic trainer will get a return call from the treating physician. Please contact Head Athletic Trainer Jeremy Parr to call ahead.

    We also refer some sports medicine injuries to Towson Sports Medicine, and they offer same day injury clinic from 4-6 p.m. most days. For more information on their facility you can visit their website.
  • Concussion Management Policy

    Loyola Blakefield and the medical team, coaches, teachers, and administrators all take possible concussions seriously and our primary goal is for a quick and safe recovery for your child. Academics will come first, and hopefully a return to athletic involvement. If you or your son suspects he has suffered a concussion, please contact the athletic trainer as soon as possible to develop the best management approach. We participate in XLNTbrain, a nationally recognized Concussion Management Program. All upper school contact sport athletes will have a baseline assessment prior to the season beginning.

    What is a concussion?

    Concussions are a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI), caused by a blow or jolt to the head or body that produces shaking of the brain inside the skull, resulting in mild to severe disruption in the way the brain normally works. A variety of types of symptoms may occur affecting their cognitive, physical, or emotional functioning. Contrary to popular belief the athlete does not need to lose consciousness to sustain a concussion. Symptoms vary from athlete to athlete and case to case. Some symptoms may last only minutes or hours while others could be days, weeks or months. An athlete with a suspected concussion or mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI) should be evaluated by a trained medical profession as soon as possible. – SCORE Program

    Why is it important to evaluate a concussion?

    We want to appropriately evaluate the injury to ensure a safe recovery and minimize risk for further injury and treatment.

    Many symptoms are observed, but others can be difficult to identify (mood swings, focus, concentration, processing speed, etc.). Your son may appear normal at rest but symptoms may reoccur with certain stimuli like physical, cognitive or emotional stress. Concussion evaluation helps to:

    • Objectively identify specific problem areas

    • Determine timing of safe resuming of play

    • Provide information to PCP, coaches and school personnel

    • Reduce the risk of further injury through daily monitoring

    We are fortunate to be part of a great team. In many cases a suspected concussion can be handled in-house with our athletic trainer, Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellow, and team physician. If further clinical evaluation is recommended or necessary we have a referral network with some great Pediatric Neurologists.
  • Post-Concussion Academic Care Plan

    If a concussion is suspected, please contact the athletic trainer and school personnel as soon as possible. If possible, we strongly recommend complete cognitive rest for the initial 24-48 hours after the injury. Please do not send your son to school for at least the first 2 days post-concussion. When you feel he may return, please send a note from his doctor explaining the absence. If student athlete needs more than 1 academic week off or other academic accommodations, then the ACE CARE PLAN sheet must be completed by a trained concussion physician.

    Please communicate all concerns with school personnel so student does not fall behind academically.
  • Helpful Concussion Education Resources

    Educational Concussion videos

    • “Concussion 101: A Primer for Kids and Parents”
    “Concussion Experts: Athletic Trainers and Concussion”

    Concussion Clinic Referral Group Partners

    In addition to comprehensive evaluation by our team physicians we refer to the following concussion clinics and Pediatric Neurologists:

    Dr. Christopher Vaughan, “SCORE” program (Lutherville Fridays only)
    Dr. Stacy Suskauer – Kennedy Kreiger Institute & Johns Hopkins University
  • Physical Therapy

    Your physician may recommend physical therapy for your son. MedStar Health has a vast regional network of more than 50 locations. Their trusted therapists are specially-training in sports injuries and committed to getting your son back on the field or court. Visit their website for a complete list of locations.
  • Sports Medicine

    Our preferred provider for sports medicine physician care is MedStar Health. They offer sports medicine appointments within 24-48 hours for Loyola Blakefield students. Call 888-44-SPORT or visit their website for more information.
  • Sports Medicine Products

    The following are some products available to purchase in the athletic training room. These products are recommended and at a lower price than if you purchase from an outside vender. All products can be paid for in cash or check made to Loyola Blakefield.

    Ankle Braces
    $20 - from Synergy Orthopedics

    Custom & Injury Specific Braces
    (from either Synergy Orthopedics or Donjoy)
    Athletic trainer can set up appointment and fitting

    Custom Mouth Guards
    $15 - With ultra-comfortable LockDown Fit technology and a patented design developed by sports dentistry experts, Game On™ Mouthguards provide superior protection and shock absorption. Plus, they’re the only mouthguards to earn the American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance.

    Gatorade Product Line
    Pre-Workout Energy Chews - $1
    Post-Workout Protein Recovery Shakes - $2
    from Gatorade

    Custom & Off-the-Shelf Orthotics
    Custom orthotics can be fitted in the athletic training room
    Prices set individually, but almost always under $100 - no insurance billing
    from Foot Management
  • Urgent Care

    If you prefer to take your son to an urgent care, we recommend MedStar Health’s urgent care facility in Towson (3.4 miles from Loyola Blakefield). Just walk in or save your spot in line with online check-in.


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  • Photo of Jeremy Parr

    Mr. Jeremy Parr 

    Assistant Director of Athletics, Head Athletic Trainer
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 524
  • Photo of Gabrielle Whitlow

    Ms. Gabby Whitlow 

    Assistant Athletic Trainer

Dr. Andrew Tucker

Dr. Andrew Tucker
Team Physician

Dr. Andrew Tucker is a primary care sports medicine physician with MedStar Health and the medical director of MedStar Union Memorial Hospital’s sports medicine department. He is currently the head team physician for the Baltimore Ravens and served as past president of the NFL Physicians' Society. Dr. Tucker’s special interests include concussions, musculoskeletal injuries, and evaluation of non-surgical orthopedic problems.
500 Chestnut Ave. Towson, MD 21204
(410) 823-0601