Who We Are

Loyola Blakefield is a Catholic, Jesuit, college preparatory school founded in 1852, for boys in grades six through twelve located in Towson, Maryland. Loyola Blakefield offers a challenging college preparatory curriculum that provides a broad range of major course offerings including honors and advanced placement courses, complemented by a selection of enriching electives and co-curricular activities. Ignatian service and spiritual formation, in the Jesuit tradition, is the hallmark of a Loyola education. There are 17 interscholastic sports programs at Loyola Blakefield, as well as musical and dramatic performing arts ensembles, and many clubs and student organizations.

Our Educational Philosophy: Cura Personalis

Latin for "Care for the whole person," cura personalis was a call for the kind of care Jesuit superiors were to give to their subordinates, a call to care for the entire person—the entire gift of life from God given to us. Loyola Blakefield educators know and respect each student for the unique mind and heart that he is. The core of our philosophy is the personal concern for the individual. We talk about it, we practice it, and we teach it.

Beyond the Classroom

We inspire and challenge students in ways that go beyond most college preparatory environments. Our Dons develop knowledge for sure. But they also develop values, spiritual growth, responsibility for others and a lifelong love for learning - the core that really prepares them to transform into active members of the global community. In the words of St. Ignatius to St. Xavier they “Go forth and set the world on fire.”

What We're Known For

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  • Our Dons

    Our proudest moments are sometimes when we hear from members of the community that praise our Dons for their positive spirits and genuine care and concern for others. Hard to miss as they are generally marked by a Loyola t-shirt, hat or jacket, our Dons represent Loyola proudly both on and off of our campus.

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  • Our Campus

    We moved here in 1934 and the grounds are just as tranquil as they were then. We've grown to meet the needs of today's Dons, but our campus is still very much reflective of our history and tradition.


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  • A Proud Tradition of Excellence

    In the past year alone, our Dons achieved championship-level success in a variety of program areas and that is no fluke. From Speech and Debate, to the stage and on the turf, our Dons work hard and excel in many areas. Most importantly, they do so with character and compassion.

Graduate at Graduation Profile

Loyola Blakefield forms men to serve with and for others. The Loyola student is preparing to graduate as a man of integrity, who, because he strives “to find God in all things,” is open to growth, intellectually ambitious, religious, loving, and committed to diversity and doing justice. Learn more about each of these Grad-at-Grad goals below.

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  • Open to Growth

    The Loyola Blakefield graduate accepts the obligation to develop his talents, and to grow emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually, as well as intellectually. He seeks opportunities to stretch his mind and imagination, and to develop spiritual values.

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  • Intellectually Ambitious

    The Loyola Blakefield graduate respects his intelligence as God’s gift, understanding its ultimate use is in the search for truth in the service of God and others. He has begun to think creatively, critically, logically, and analytically. He has developed the courage and confidence to think and speak independently. His acquired habits of intellectual inquiry reflect a disposition to life-long learning.

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  • Religious

    The Loyola Blakefield graduate understands that being fully human requires an active relationship with God, which has been informed by a knowledge of the practices and doctrines of the Catholic Church and the foundations of Ignatian spirituality. He begins to accept his personal spirituality by taking responsibility for exploring and affirming his faith privately, liturgically, and communally, through prayer and actions.

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  • Loving

    The Loyola Blakefield graduate begins to see God at work in all things.  He moves beyond self-interest and appreciates that he shares a God-given common humanity which leads him to respect himself and others, to act with compassion and mercy, and to care for all God’s creation.  

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  • Committed to Diversity

    The Loyola Blakefield graduate grows beyond his own biases and personal prejudices. In a manner consistent with Ignatian principles, he comes to understand the enriching and liberating value of human variety, to cherish human differences, and to embrace diversity.

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  • Dedicated to Doing Justice

    The Loyola Blakefield graduate develops a compassionate understanding of the needs of his local and global community. He begins to understand that his Christian faith, Catholic responsibility, and Ignatian heritage call him to act ethically and to pursue justice. He understands that being a man for others is Christ-like and answers the challenge of St. Ignatius to a leadership of service Ad Maiorem Dei Gloriam, For the Greater Glory of God.  
500 Chestnut Ave. Towson, MD 21204
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