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Inspired by the words of St. Ignatius - "Lord teach me to be generous" - the Loyola Fund creates opportunity for every Don to experience the full magnitude of his transformation at Loyola. Learn more about the extraordinary impact your gift to the Loyola Fund will have on our Dons.

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  • Service & Spiritual Growth

    As a Catholic Jesuit school, spiritual growth is at the heart of everything we do. As Loyola Dons, our students are called to not only grow in their relationship with one another, but also in their faith and understanding of God's presence in their lives.

    Retreat experiences at every grade level, coupled with service work, and theological study provide our Dons with a path toward discovering a love for the human family, a commitment to social justice, and the beliefs necessary to find God in all things.

    Your support of the Loyola Fund provides opportunity for students to serve in their local community and across the globe. Every gift impacts the lives of those in need, while nurturing his path to becoming a true Man for Others.
  • Access & Affordability

    We value access over exclusivity, but keeping tuition costs low and striving to provide greater access is an uphill battle - one that we fight annually.

    Due to the rising cost of private education, there is a growing demand for financial assistance. Currently, 65% of our families greatly benefit from merit or need-based scholarships. A Loyola education should not be exclusively for those who have the means to afford it. Therefore, your support is essential as we expand opportunities for more young men to take part in all that a Loyola experience has to offer.
  • Mission-Driven Tuition

    Our mission-driven model means that tuition doesn’t cover the cost to educate a single student. In fact, tuition only covers approximately 80% of the cost to educate a single student. This is why donor support is critical to fuel the variety of opportunities that we provide young men to grow in mind, body, and spirit. 

    Your support of the Loyola Fund helps bridge the gap between tuition revenue and the costs associated with delivering a dynamic experience that fosters both spiritual and academic growth.
  • Innovative Programming

    Jesuit education was never designed to be stagnant. It pushes beyond the frontiers, challenges boundaries, and engages students in a variety of lesson and challenges that stretch their limits, and their imaginations.

    Your investment in our innovative approach to the formation of our dons delivers exciting opportunities that ignite their passions and unlock their extraordinary potential. Some of the latest innovations have transformed the learning environment, while enabling programming in engineering, environmental science, cyber security, robotics, and more!
  • A Place to Grow

    When Loyola migrated from Calvert to Charles Street in 1934, the move provided room to grow, and evolved to the demands of the changing times. In 2019, we remain committed to a campus that serves as an ideal place for young men to grow. This requires investing in our learning environment in a manner consistent with our innovative approach to education, and delivering sate-of-the-art facilities for athletics, engineering, the arts, and all of the elements of a Loyola experience that occur "Beyond the Bell."

    Whether its updating the sound system for our award-winning theater department, installing the latest performance-grade surfaces, or designing state-of-the-art laboratory space, we need your support preserves Blakefield as fertile ground for the growth of our Dons.
  • Distinguished Faculty & Staff

    Excellence in education begins with an investment in our most vital resource – faculty and staff who fit the model of our mission and are experts in their field. The Loyola Fund provides the resources necessary to attract and retain the brightest and most dedicated individuals to deliver our mission on a daily basis. 

    From professional development opportunities, awards programs, and competitive compensation, your support of Loyola ensures that we have the people who animate our mission in ways that benefit every student (in an out of the classroom).


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