Commitment to Racial & Social Justice

Our Commitment

The Loyola Blakefield community has an unqualified commitment to addressing the tragic and unacceptable prevalence of racism in any and every form - however subtle or blatant. We fully recognize that the recent events have become an important inflection point for the nation in assessing both areas of progress and the woeful lack thereof in addressing definitively racial equality, disparity of education and economic opportunity, social and racial justice. We will continue to promote a culture at Loyola that is characterized by deep understanding, true empathy and utmost respect for the long hard struggle of our Black sisters and brothers.  

We are committed to assessing both our legacy and current culture and practices to determine what changes need to be made and what measurable initiatives must be implemented to ensure that all who are entrusted to us for their education understand the painful reality of racial injustice and, importantly, their potential to make a discernible difference.

We pledge our relentless commitment to ensuring that all who enter and depart our doors come to embrace their obligation to be true change agents in helping create communities in which all have equal advantage in pursuing their full, unmitigated potential.

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