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Guiding Our Dons

Our Guidance Department shares the responsibility with parents and other members of our school community to care for three areas of our students' lives: academic, peer, and personal and social. In the academic area, counselors are available to help students eliminate or compensate for problems which stand in the way of them doing their best in studies. The department also provides educational programs, individual counseling, and group guidance to help students make sound decisions about a variety of issues and problems which impact health and the development of personality, character, and integrity. If your son is struggling in any of the aforementioned areas, please do not hesitate to contact one of our guidance counselors to assist you.

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  • Photo of Brett Lankford

    Mr. Brett Lankford 

    Interim Director of Guidance Counseling
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 426
  • Photo of Vonda Duncan

    Mrs. Vonda Duncan 

    Upper School Guidance Counselor
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 462
  • Photo of Jason Atilano

    Mr. Jason Atilano 

    College Counselor
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 242
  • Photo of Susan Buswell

    Mrs. Sue Buswell 

    Middle School Guidance Counselor
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 448
  • Photo of Justin White

    Mr. Justin White 

    Middle School Guidance Counselor, Admissions Associate, Clubs & Activities Coordinator
    (410) 823-0601 Ext. 360
500 Chestnut Ave. Towson, MD 21204
(410) 823-0601