Liam Brennan '24 Wins Middle School Geography Bee

All of our middle school students recently competed in the National Geographic Geography Bee in their social studies classes. After seven preliminary rounds, ten students from all three grade levels advanced to the finals. The 6th grade finalists were Matthew Cattaneo, Tyler Truitt, and James Williams. The 7th grade finalists were Liam Brennan and Evan Williams. The 8th grade finalists were Sam Cucuzzella, Nathaniel Jackson, Brendan McLaughlin, Mac Sawada, and Bennett Wright.

Following six rounds, Sam Cucuzzella and Liam Brennan bested all the other finalists to advance to the Championship Round, where Liam Brennan went on to win by answering 2 of the 3 questions correctly. If you see him, or any of the contestants around campus, please congratulate them on their successes in the Geography Bee.

Want to know how you would fair in this competition? Here are several sample questions from the competition:

1. To visit Bucharest’s Palace of Parliament and to see the Transylvania Alps, you would travel to what country?
2. February 2019 marks the start of the Alpine World Ski Championships. This competition will be held in which country that is the most populous in Scandinavia?
3. What is the term for a wetland created where a river meets a larger body of water and deposits sediment – moraine or delta?
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