Class of 2022 Celebrates Junior Ring Mass

On the morning of Saturday, May 8, we hosted our Junior Ring Mass for the Class of 2022 in the Four Court Gym. This ceremony serves as another major milestone for our Dons on their journey toward becoming men for others. View photos below.

"To the Class of 2022, what an incredible year. What an awesome time to be a leader. Our school community, your families, you, yourselves, have gone through tremendous adversity this year. But look around and observe what your ring symbolizes. Look to the left and right, see your brothers who have stood with you this year, feel the presence of your family surrounding you who have supported and helped you remain strong, look at this school community and the people here today, we love you, we cherish you, and we now look to you to be the leaders of the school. We look forward to the ways you will invigorate the school next year and lead us through this pandemic. As you look at your ring, may it inspire you to extend yourself beyond your comfort zone knowing that you have the love and support of your brothers, your family, and your school community. Use this on your journey to becoming men dedicated to seeking justice." – Mrs. Beth Ann Szczepaniak, Director of Ignatian Service

Class of 2022 Junior Ring Mass
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