New Building Name Unveiled

During a live global broadcast, members of the student body took the lead in sharing the exciting news. Joined by President Anthony Day, 14 representatives from grades 6–12 delivered remarks and took part in the ceremonial unveiling of St. Ignatius Hall. The project is the centerpiece of a historic capital campaign that raised over $32 million dollars to construct the building, enhance the school’s scholarship endowment, and bolster annual giving.

May 20th was chosen due to its significance within the Society of Jesus. As a Jesuit institution, Loyola traces its roots to St. Ignatius, the founder of the Society and the inspiration for the transformational experience that Jesuit schools have delivered for centuries. May 20th marks the 500th anniversary of St. Ignatius being injured by a cannonball during the Battle of Pamplona. For him, it was a major failure and forced a change of plans from the riches and worldly exploits he had envisioned for his future. It led to a spiritual awakening and conversion that inspired him to center his pursuits on God and service to others.

Loyola was in a unique position since lead benefactors humbly declined naming recognition. This provided an exciting opportunity to carefully examine the name of the building and how it will resonate for generations to come. In addition to school leadership playing an active role, student reflection and input helped guide the decision to honor St. Ignatius and send a strong signal that a formational education guided by his founding principles would remain at the heart of our mission. A committee of students that included two representatives per grade took part in a process that spanned several months and resulted in a set of intrinsic and indispensable qualities that would represent the new building. In the end, it was clear that associating the project with St. Ignatius would not only capture the essence of the student experience, but also the values and principles we hold most dear. “At Loyola, St. Ignatius is more than just a name,” said Riley McWilliams ’21. “We learn about his life and work from the moment we arrive until we graduate. He is embedded into our daily life, education, and traditions. St. Ignatius ignited the way for new beginnings, so it is only right that this new building is named after him.”
President Anthony Day praised the process and expressed his excitement regarding the news.
"I’m incredibly grateful for the deliberate, sincere, and collaborative approach that led us to name this building in honor of St. Ignatius. It’s highly symbolic of our roots and reflective of what we – as caretakes of this institution – envision for Loyola’s future. For centuries to come, this building and our mission will flourish under the proud banner of St. Ignatius and the transformational journey he inspires – one that ignites the hearts and minds of those who experience a Catholic education in the Jesuit tradition. When you observe the relationship between where the statue of St. Ignatius resides and where the new building sits, it’s clear that he has literally watched over the work that has taken place over the past 18 months. Now, he’ll eternally watch over the teaching, learning, and growing that will come to life within these walls."

St. Ignatius Hall
The 46,000 square foot addition, which will open for the 2021–22 school year, features a learning commons, 10 classrooms, 2 science labs, an art studio, music room, engineering lab, and Cyber Science lab. While the project offers spaces designed for programming for all grade levels, it serves as a primary home for students in grades 6–8.
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