BSU & Multicultural Club Host HUMANitarian Week

This year, our Black Student Union (BSU) and Multicultural Club decided to team up to host the school's first-ever HUMANitarian Week from Feb. 14–18. The purpose of this week was to give the Loyola Blakefield community a space to celebrate their common humanness, while embracing physical and cultural differences. Because HUMANitarian Week led into the school's annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration on Feb. 22, each day focused on a pillar that Dr. King held close to his heart. Also, each day during this week, students were encouraged to wear red, green, or black additions to their school uniform to show solidarity to the various causes. These colors were selected because they are the colors that make up the African American Flag.

Special thanks to members of our Black Student Union and Multicultural Club, as well as faculty and staff moderators Ms. Cherre Jefferson, Mrs. Vonda Duncan, Mr. Bernie Bowers '78, Mrs. Natasha Blake, Ms. Misha Holmes, and Mr. Justin White for helping to organize such a successful week of activities centered around human rights and social justice. Highlights from each day are listed below.

Monday: Love Thy Brother

Monday fell on Valentine's Day. Therefore, it was only appropriate to focus on Love. The BSU hosted a candygram fundraiser and provided students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to purchase candygrams and gift messages of love and appreciation to their fellow classmates, teachers, and/or colleagues. All proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to Van Brooks' Safe Center as a token of appreciation for their recent partnership this year. Students were invited to wear red and/or pink additions with their school uniform to commemorate this day of Love. 

Tuesday: Human Awareness Day

On Tuesday, the BSU and Multicultural Club wanted to highlight the civil rights movement and its important role in providing the framework for many of the human rights movements of today. To show solidarity, students were encouraged to wear green additions to their school uniform. The Multicultural Club also hosted their Human Rights Awareness Art Show in the lobby of Burk Hall. The art show was comprised of a variety of works provided by students and faculty members.

Wednesday: Social Justice Awareness Day

This day was meant to honor all those, past and present, who have worked towards alleviating injustices in the world. Students were asked to show their solidarity to this cause by wearing black additions with their school uniform. The BSU also hosted learning lunches during all four lunch periods to give students a space to socialize and discuss their thoughts on social injustices within the Baltimore community in a safe and judgement-free environment. These discussions were led by several members from the BSU.

Thursday: Day of Scholarship and Celebration

On this day, students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to show their appreciation for academia and scholarship by wearing their favorite college sweatshirt and/or gear. The significance of this day was to highlight Dr. King’s belief in the power of education, its advancement of conditions of minorities, and its involvement with ending societal prejudices. To end the week on a high note, members from the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity of the Morgan State University Chapter were invited to provide a surprise performance of a variety of steps and strolls for the Dons during their lunch periods.

HUMANitarian Week 2022
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