Zeek Jackson ’23 Awarded Wellness Scholarship

Congratulations to Zelotes “Zeek” Jackson ’23 who was recently named the recipient of our annual Educators Benefit Services (EBS) "WellEducated" Tuition Scholarship Award, which is sponsored by the Association of Independent Maryland and DC Schools. This scholarship is awarded each year to a Don who displays and exemplifies the five main pillars of well-being. After reviewing several nominations, our Wellness Committee, made up of Mrs. Pru Tucker, Mrs. Chantal Cross, and Mrs. Kelly Klug, chose Zeek to receive the $2,500 tuition award.

"An active member of our community, as well as the broader Baltimore community, Zeek demonstrates the pillars of well-being as a student-athlete, a member of several student clubs and activities, and a Don who mentors others," said Mrs. Tucker. "What makes Zeek outstanding is his commitment to mental health and self-care. He is a young entrepreneur who has created his own branded line of clothing, which he designs and sells himself to help those in need."

Protect Your Peace was created to remind myself, as well as others, that peace should be a priority in our lives," said Zeek. "Despite the various problems and distractions that we will encounter, maintaining peace is essential in living our best lives to the fullest. Protecting your peace is a mindset that starts with one's self by removing all negativity, toxic energy, and pessimistic thoughts about yourself. Your peace and positivity will then spill onto others. I created the clothing line to encourage others to wear attire reminding them to always protect their peace.”

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