Unspoken Heroes of Blakefield: Samuel Eades Sr.

Unspoken Heroes of Blakefield is a new student project organized by Andreas Diokno '24, with photography by Chris Nwafor '24, dedicated to spotlighting those in our school community who may not always receive the recognition they deserve. Read about their first Unspoken Hero below.

Unspoken Hero of Blakefield: Samuel Eades Sr.
by Andreas Diokno '24

Samuel Eades Sr., or simply, Mr. Sam, as he's referred to by students and faculty, was born in Annapolis and raised in Baltimore. His friends describe him as a friendly, easy-going kind of person. When the pandemic hit, Mr. Sam was sent to our school to sanitize the buildings, and he instantly fell in love with our campus and community. "It's a beautiful campus with faculty, staff, and students who are second to none—wonderful, kind, loving, and welcoming," said Mr. Sam. He continued by stating the people here bring him back every day since he started in 2020.

The morning and afternoon prayers are at the top of Mr. Sam’s list of things he loves most about Loyola Blakefield. He believes that we should all be thankful for God's daily blessings because we are so fortunate to live in the way that we do and are gifted with our beautiful campus and capabilities. He is especially grateful for the opportunity to be a part of our community and hopes to continue making memories and working with us.

Mr. Sam has been a wonderful addition to our school. I chose him as an Unspoken Hero because of his constant friendliness and consistent work ethic. Students who have interacted with him say he is always in a great mood and looks happy to be on campus. On top of that, he is a tremendous help around school, directing morning traffic, ensuring that students in the cafeteria get their lunches, and keeping our school clean and safe. When you see Mr. Sam around campus, please be sure to say hello and thank him for all that he does.

Photo by Chris Nwafor '24

Photo by Chris Nwafor '24

Photo by Chris Nwafor '24

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