Fall Middle School Sports Recap

Carter Kodenski; Contributories: Wyatt Wein ’28, Sean Henyan ’28, Max Balto ’28
The young men in Middle School Sports are the future, making statements today and showing tremendous promise. They will become the future stars of Loyola’s Athletics in the coming years. From what I have seen, Loyola’s Athletics has a bright future ahead. The Middle School Dons have dominated in football, soccer, water polo, and cross country, making their mark on the turf, in the water, and beyond.

Dylan Murn '28. Photo Credit: Wyatt Wein '28.

First, we have football, which is among the largest middle school sports programs. The team played in 5 games, claiming victory in 4. Their success was due to their speed and endurance. In most plays, once the receiver made the catch, yards after the reception became key as it often required a full opponent’s defense to make the tackle. This was seen in all the games but was highlighted best in their win against Severn with a 27-19 victory.

Colin Belski '28. Photo Credit: Wyatt Wein '28.

The middle school soccer team had 4 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. They are a talented bunch of young men in a tough league of competition. It’s clear that these young men Dons practiced hard, striving to better and better throughout the season. As a result, I think that their team improved the most, setting the stage for exciting years ahead. 

Third, we have water polo. The middle school water polo team finished their 4-game season undefeated. Some of the swimmers on the team are ranked among the top 10 best in the state of Maryland for their age, bringing critical speed to the pool. Combined with good strategy and strong endurance, the water polo team easily defeated rivals McDonogh and Gilman.  

Last, but certainly not least, we have middle school cross country. This year the team went undefeated for the season. In fact, in a meet at Boys Latin, runners finished 1st, 2nd, and 4th, to help lock in a low winning score. The middle school cross country team are some of the unsung heroes on campus. Their destiny will become the future, and by the looks of it the future looks bright. Roll Dons Roll! 

Cooper Lewis '28. Photo Credit: Wyatt Wein '28.
Photo Gallery (Middle School Football & Soccer):
If you want to see more of these great photos by Wyatt Wein ’28, check out his Instagram page. There are plenty more photos. I recommend you check them out. 

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