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  • Spending the Summer with God

    Brendan O'Kane, Director of Ignatian Mission and Identity
    Jose Ignacio Tellechea Idigoras wrote a biography of St. Ignatius, titled Solo y a pie (Alone and on Foot) and an abridgment was published by Brian Grogan - I’ve always been struck by that title and after learning more about Ignatius, the title is both accurate and fitting. He spent great lengths of time walking and hiking in solitude. Alone on the bank of the Cardoner River, near the village of Manresa in northern Spain, was one time where he obtained great clarity, a new understanding of his life with God.
    With school ending for the year, we might find ourselves with opportunities for solitude this summer. One way to spend the summer with God, heeding the words of Ignatius in a letter he wrote to the entire Society of Jesus, is upon the conclusion of each day - unpack the day in prayer,
    Having to report about what one is doing from day to day can serve as a stimulus for being more alert to doing something that can be written about.
    This can certainly be done in community with family or friends as well, but the main point is that each day is noteworthy and full of blessings. When we check-in with God we become more aware of the opportunity each new day brings. This summer might not bring a moment of clarity like the one experienced by Ignatius, however, if we make space and embrace opportunities for silence and solitude we can find ourselves in good company, with our God.
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