Technology at Loyola

Our top-notch Technology Department delivers all of the tools and resources necessary to maintain our unique learning environment, while also assisting our faculty with innovative teaching techniques in the classroom. Students have access to state-of-the-art technology and are taught to be responsible global/digital citizens. Through online access to grades, homework assignments, and more, parents and students are always linked to life in the classroom.

Enhance and Complement

Our team works to ensure that all members of the Loyola community have access to pertinent resources. They also play a critical role in creating a learning environment that delivers innovations consistent with 21st century teaching methods. From infrastructure, to curriculum design and, the occasional hardware repairs, our team does it all. In short, they enhance and compliment the entire Loyola Blakefield learning experience.

Meet the Team

List of 7 members.

  • Photo of Stephen Morrill

    Mr. Steve Morrill 

    Director of Technology
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 460
  • Photo of Michael Lackner

    Mr. Mike Lackner 

    Registrar, Technology Coordinator
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 320
  • Photo of Stephen Kucharski

    Mr. Stephen Kucharski 

  • Photo of Anthony Cangelosi

    Mr. Tony Cangelosi 

    System Administrator
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 272
  • Photo of Barney Cohen

    Mr. Barney Cohen 00

    Desktop Administrator
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 275
  • Photo of Adelaide Ofoe

    Ms. Adelaide Ofoe 

    Information Systems Coordinator
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 658
  • Photo of Corey Taplette

    Mr. Corey Taplette 

    Helpdesk Coordinator
    (410) 823-0601 Ext 123
500 Chestnut Ave. Towson, MD 21204
(410) 823-0601